Get Out

Get Out is an horror/drama movie directed by Jordan Peele, made in the USA and transferir (3)released in 2017.

Presents to us the theme “interracial love”, counts the story of a black guy and a white girl that live in romance.

It all starts when the girl tells her boyfriend thattransferir (1) wants to present him to her parents in a family weekend. When he arrives at the house everything seems normal, until he gets lost in the maze. Well, it seems like her family got their own interests about his presence there. He meets family friends, the maid, the gardener, and it makes him realize how lost he is.

From brainwatransferirshing to neurologic situations, this movie counts with a lot of drama, horror, suspense and mystery.images

Why Him

This transferir (3)is a movie directed by John Hamburg, released in 2016 and made in the USA.

It´s a comedy/romance movie that tells the story of a daddy´s girl that wants to introduce her new boyfriend to her parents. He is the perfect example of “what a dad doesn´t want”. From tattoos to awkward language, her dad almost dies when he sees him the first time. But the bad boy transferir (1)has an advantage: he is incredible rich and smart.

Although he is wealthy and powerful, her dad doesn´t seem happy with their relation, this will only change when he understands the true love between the transferirtwo of them.

This movie is interesting because it tells the past days, nowadays and future days of dad’s behavior when the time comes that their little daughter finally says “I want to introduce you someone”. It shows us too that nothing is unreachable, sometimes it just takes some time to be sure that he is the one for their precious little princess.images

Marley and me

This is a movie directed by David Frankel, released in 2008 and made in the USA.

It tells the story of a wild dog, the worst dog ever that finds his place with a family, bad thtransferirings happen, good things happen too, such is life.

Marriage, adopt a dog, pregnancy atransferir (1)imagestransferir (2)nd having our own house. All steps we all want to pass through and so does this couple, they will try to reach all of this steps and finally get their family life built.

A lot of emotions are found in this movie: comedy, romance, drama. This is a movie you absolutely won´t want to miss.


This movie was directed by Nicholas Stoller and Doug Sweetland, is from USA and was transferir (3)released in 2016.

It´s a movie for kids and not only, it´s about the mythic story of storks who take babies to us, the difference between storks and humans and the similarity of maternal instinct.

It´s a very good movie if you like fiction andtransferir (1) children things, storks factories and much more.imagestransferir

The Autopsy of Jane Doe

This is a movie directed by André Øvredal, released in 2016 and made in United States.transferir

Do you like horror and suspense movies? Well you sure will agree with me when I say that this is one of the best movies ever. Not only because the theme but also because all the investments made in this movie trying to make us believe that they are really cutting open an human, there are real human organs.

All this stuff may sound kinda creepy and weird but if you’re atransferir (2)n horror fan you will love it. Do you believe in ghosts? In human sacrifice? I am getting more capable to believe that you will love it guys.

This movie is about atransferir (1) body arrived at the autopsy lab that will change the life of two man forever, they will see things never seen and forget what being a non paranormal believer is.



Fences is a movie directed by Denzel Washington, released in 2016 and from USA. It´s a drama movie.transferir

It starts with a normal man, happy with his life and in love with his wife, but as the movie proceeds we can see a different perspective. Basically his lovtransferir-1e for his wife isn´t as true as we think and he´s not considered an happy man.

His life was hard as a kid and it will increase his anger by his son that he assumes that have to become transferir-3a grown man and never choose sports as a career, because in his young years they could be successful but his race didn´t let him be as famous as he wish.

In this movie we can see the difference between races in the 80´s that is talked about and how it influences the after years, the mentality of who has been discriminated in those years.


Take shelter

Take shelter is a movie directed by Jeff Nichols, was released in 2011 and was made in United States of America. It´s a drama movie.transferir

It´s about a man misunderstood by all his friends and his own family, nobody believes him when he says that a really big storm is coming. Everybody will think that he has a mental disease and thathe needs to get over it, but it´s known that in the end they all will take back with their initial thoughts.transferir-2

Could you imagine etransferir-1verybody leaving you and nobody to believe in a word you say? Well, with this movie you will sure imagine it and will increase your opinion about “Who will really stand at your back when you need? Who will take care of you?”

When you see this movie make sure you analyze every action, every situation to imagine youimages are that man, you are the one who knows something nobody believes in, you are the one misunderstood, you are the one right!