This is a fantasy/comedy movie, directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, released in 201transferir (3)3 and made in the USA.images

It is about a little girl who sees herself with a gift that turns everything into ice. It will cause a lot of problems, including the wellbeing of her sister. She will escape from her house and create a castle made of ice.

In my opinion, this movie is a 9, it isn’t a 10 because has some boring parts, honestly I fell asleep. But I paused the movie so I didn´t lose anything. But yeah, it’s nice, a lot of magic and fantasy invade your mind, I recommend it.transferirtransferir (1)


Shot caller

This is a thriller/crime movie directed by Ric Roman Waugh, released in 2017 and made in the transferirUSA.transferir (2)

It counts the story of a business man who sees himself stuck in the past. Basically he goes to the jail, goes through a lot of stuff and when he’s finally free there’s a new deal. Will the family support him? The answer is no. He tries to keep away his family, because he knows how dangerous he can be.

In my opinion this movie is a 10, it’s very real you know? All the stuff is true, how they live in a prison, the deals, and the families. Probably you will go to cry in the end, so prepare yourself for one of the greatest movies ever that will change your point of view about safety and people.transferir (1)images

A dark song

This is a drama/thriller movie, directed by Liam Gavin, released in 2016 andimages made in the Ireland.

It talks abotransferir (2)ut a mom, who has lost her son and she will perform a ritual to get him back. She is helped by a man who does rituals, and so they need to be locked in a house for a few months to complete the ritual.

It becomes more difficult than she thought, and in the end she sees herself alone in that house surrounded by spirits.

It’s a really nice movie if you like horror things and rituals stuff. From 1 to 10, this movie is an 8.transferir (1)transferir

My cousin Rachel

This is a mystery/drama movie, directed by Roger Michell, released in 2017 and made in the USA and in the United Kingdom.

It talks abtransferir (5)out a man that lives with his uncle, and one day the uncle gets sick, so he has to move out to live in another place, leaving his nephew alone. What a surprising letter he receives from his uncle…it seems like he is goimagesing to marry an awesome woman. Later he receives another letter where his uncle is telling him that the woman is evil and she is making him sick, and he wants his nephew with him. When the man arrives at the new uncle’s house, he discovers that he is dead. The anger increastransferires, thinking about that woman, and decides to invite her to his own house to find the truth.

He falls in love with her, but soon gets sick too and he thinks that his sickness is because he is having her tea, the tea she always makes for him.

In my opinion this movie is an 8, it’s very interesting and catchy.

transferir (1)

Spirited Away

This is a Japanese fantasy/mystery movie, directed by Hayao Miyazaki and released in 2001.

This is about a girl and her parentransferirts, they arrive in a little village, and she goes for a walk while her parents eat all the food of a mysterious restaurant. Well, they become pigs and she becomes a scared little gtransferir (1)irl.

She will find a friend who guides her through the village and tells her to quickly get a job. And this village has a peculiarity, if you don’t eat their food for a while you disappear.

In my opinion, transferir (2)this movie is a 7, it´s interesting but sometimes it becomes kind of boring. But I surely recommend you to see it, it has a lot of magic and mystery.


Escape Plan


Escape Plan is a mystery/science fiction movie, directed by Mikael Håfström, released in 2013 and made in the USA.

In this movie we can find two famtransferirous legends, Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger. It is about the perfect escape from a high security prison.

Stallone has a job that includes being a fugitive, he has to find any possible way of escaping from any prison, making images (1)clear which ones are safe.

According to his reputation, a secret company invites him to escape from a high security prison, knowing that he will be treated as any other recluse. The fact is, it becomes harder than imagined. That´s when he meets Schwarzenegger, one of the most feared man in that prison.images

In my opinion, this movie is an 8, we can see a lot of action and mystery, and well, it  teaches us how to escape from a prison if necessary.transferir (1)

The Green Mile

This is a fantasy/crime movie directed by Frank Darabont, released in 1999 and made in the USA.

It tells the story of a doomed man, doomed to the electric chair . He will enter in the green mile. The green mile is a corridor  for the ones in jail doomed to the electric chair. A few guards antransferird the man will create empathy and the guards will refuse to believe in what he did.

So they will find some ways to helpimages that guy not being killed for what he did, but in the end everything will be in vain.

In my opinion, this movie is an 8 because, firstly has a plot twist and secondly, it helps us to see the world in a different way. Maybe who seems guilty isn´t sotransferir (1) guilty at all.transferir (2)