The Green Mile

This is a fantasy/crime movie directed by Frank Darabont, released in 1999 and made in the USA.

It tells the story of a doomed man, doomed to the electric chair . He will enter in the green mile. The green mile is a corridor  for the ones in jail doomed to the electric chair. A few guards antransferird the man will create empathy and the guards will refuse to believe in what he did.

So they will find some ways to helpimages that guy not being killed for what he did, but in the end everything will be in vain.

In my opinion, this movie is an 8 because, firstly has a plot twist and secondly, it helps us to see the world in a different way. Maybe who seems guilty isn´t sotransferir (1) guilty at all.transferir (2)

A Quiet Passion

This is a drama/biographical movie, directed by Terence Davies, made in the United Kingdom and released in 2016.

It´s a biograptransferir (1)hy about Emily Dickinson’s life, she was a known poet who passed through a hard life. Yes, she always lived with the family, but her disease transformed her into a rude person.

Emily always had a hard personality, shtransferire never believed a lot in religion and always had manifested her true opinion. She lived with her father, mother, sister and brother. She had to face her parent’s death and deal with  a disease that gave her convulsions, vomits, fever and blood lost. She lived until her 50´s and then died victim of her disease.

She was a great contribution for modern poetry, she didn´t let her gender tell to her what she could atransferir (2)nd couldn´t do. From 1 to 10 I think this movie is a 7. Yes it´s interesting because it´s a biography, perhaps it´s kind of boring, I think they should have made the movie more active, more captivating.images

Middle School The Worst Years Of My Life

This is a fantasy/drama movie, directed by Steve Carr, made in the USA and released in 2016.

transferir (3)



It´s all about the middle simageschool stuff, the bullies, the study, and mainly, the rules. A troublemaker boy has been transferred from many schools and finally gets to the only one in the district able to accept him. When he starts his first day he sees himself surrounded by rules. He and his friend images (1)Leo will try to break all the rules as a revenge to the principal.

So in this movie we will see he breaking all the rules and dealing with Bear, mom´s boyfriend, who he and his sister absolutely hate.

It´s a funny movie but sad in the end and you will know why, so from 1 to 10 I probably give a 6. It was cool but not as much as I expected.transferir


This is a movie dtransferir (2)irected by Mike Mitchell, made in the USA and released in 2016. It´s a fantasy/adventure movie.

It tells to us the story of the Trolls village, that is constantly invaded by their enemies and their enemies convinced that you only you feel happiness if you eat a troll.. For a long pair of years they are not attacked butransferirt when they do, it starts a long walk to save the ones who have been taken away.

When the savior trolls arrive in their enemy’s village they realize they will need the perfect getaway. For that they need to show to the king that love leads to happiness, and so it isn´t necessaire to eat trolls to become happy.

For me this is atransferir (1) really good movie, from 1 to 10 it´s an 8. I honestly love animation movies, and when their mission is to transmit the sense of happiness, well they get my attention. This movie teaches that if we´re feeling sad or alone we should be with the ones that make us feel good, and don´t forget, every time you feel like this just play the song “Can´t Stop The Feeling” by Justin Timberlake. This song appears in the final of the movie and when you listen to it you just can´t be sad or alone, it makes you feel like you can´t stop the feeling of being happy.images


This is a mystery/thriller movie, made in the USA, directed by Robert Legato and released in 2017.

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It counts the story of a man who finds that his dad has passed away, and he will receive a lot of money with that, transferirbut for that he needs to find proofs about his aunt death. So he heads to Eloise, the local asylum with a friend, a guy obsessed with that place and his sister.

They go through a lot and in the final he sees himself a years ago with his mom, that isn´t his aunt and will find his truly dad. In this movie we can see the old methods used in the asylums, so if you´re not capable to see things like these, you shouldn´t.

In my opinion, and I have seen a lot of things about asylums, from 1 to 10 this movie is a 4. A confusing story added to a boring movie. The part I can say I liked the most was the final, because it wasn´t boritransferir (1)ng at all and finally I didn´t want this movie to end quickly. So, yes a 4, but you should see for yourself.images

Wedding Crashers

This is a transferir (1)comedy/romance movie, that was directed by David Dobkin, was made in the USA and released in


2005. It counts with the presence of Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, famous in the area of comedy.


Well, like the name tells, it´s about a lot of weddings that will be invaded by those guys, all they want is alcohol, food and sex. All their life changes when one of them falls in love with a girl he met, he will convince his friend to take vacations with her family. Her vacations family includes her, her future husband, parents, grandma, brother and her sister (who dates the other guy, and convinces him she was a virgin before meeting himtransferir (2)).





When the girl that the other one fell in love finds the truth about them, that they are not who they say, they are just wedding crashers, they drift apart from each other. But in the end all turns to the best.

It´s a very good comedy/romance movie, because it tells us that if they can change their mind and find their true love, then we can do whatever we want.images


Logan is a movie directed by James Mangold, from USA and released in 2017. It´s categorized as a drama/science fiction movie.


transferir (2)

Well, this movie includes Logan, who is known for having claws made of metal that can kill you with only one touch. Loganimages (1) can be found in the movie “Matrix” and other ones, so we can say he is kind of famous. But the particularity of this movie is: you don´t need to see the other movies that include him to understand the story. Well, it´s known that you will feel advanced if you do that, but it´s not the type “you need to do this”.

It tells the story of this man, who he hides, who he will found and his family appears too. He will face a man who looks exactly like him, a maniac who wants to kill children, and his own daughter as well.

It´s very interesting beimagescause the Logan we know it´s independent and doesn´t care a lot about people, so when we see him as a daddy, well it´s delightful.transferir