This is a movie dtransferir (2)irected by Mike Mitchell, made in the USA and released in 2016. It´s a fantasy/adventure movie.

It tells to us the story of the Trolls village, that is constantly invaded by their enemies and their enemies convinced that you only you feel happiness if you eat a troll.. For a long pair of years they are not attacked butransferirt when they do, it starts a long walk to save the ones who have been taken away.

When the savior trolls arrive in their enemy’s village they realize they will need the perfect getaway. For that they need to show to the king that love leads to happiness, and so it isn´t necessaire to eat trolls to become happy.

For me this is atransferir (1) really good movie, from 1 to 10 it´s an 8. I honestly love animation movies, and when their mission is to transmit the sense of happiness, well they get my attention. This movie teaches that if we´re feeling sad or alone we should be with the ones that make us feel good, and don´t forget, every time you feel like this just play the song “Can´t Stop The Feeling” by Justin Timberlake. This song appears in the final of the movie and when you listen to it you just can´t be sad or alone, it makes you feel like you can´t stop the feeling of being happy.images


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