This is a mystery/thriller movie, made in the USA, directed by Robert Legato and released in 2017.

transferir (3)



It counts the story of a man who finds that his dad has passed away, and he will receive a lot of money with that, transferirbut for that he needs to find proofs about his aunt death. So he heads to Eloise, the local asylum with a friend, a guy obsessed with that place and his sister.

They go through a lot and in the final he sees himself a years ago with his mom, that isn´t his aunt and will find his truly dad. In this movie we can see the old methods used in the asylums, so if you´re not capable to see things like these, you shouldn´t.

In my opinion, and I have seen a lot of things about asylums, from 1 to 10 this movie is a 4. A confusing story added to a boring movie. The part I can say I liked the most was the final, because it wasn´t boritransferir (1)ng at all and finally I didn´t want this movie to end quickly. So, yes a 4, but you should see for yourself.images


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