Wedding Crashers

This is a transferir (1)comedy/romance movie, that was directed by David Dobkin, was made in the USA and released in


2005. It counts with the presence of Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, famous in the area of comedy.


Well, like the name tells, it´s about a lot of weddings that will be invaded by those guys, all they want is alcohol, food and sex. All their life changes when one of them falls in love with a girl he met, he will convince his friend to take vacations with her family. Her vacations family includes her, her future husband, parents, grandma, brother and her sister (who dates the other guy, and convinces him she was a virgin before meeting himtransferir (2)).





When the girl that the other one fell in love finds the truth about them, that they are not who they say, they are just wedding crashers, they drift apart from each other. But in the end all turns to the best.

It´s a very good comedy/romance movie, because it tells us that if they can change their mind and find their true love, then we can do whatever we want.images


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