Logan is a movie directed by James Mangold, from USA and released in 2017. It´s categorized as a drama/science fiction movie.


transferir (2)

Well, this movie includes Logan, who is known for having claws made of metal that can kill you with only one touch. Loganimages (1) can be found in the movie “Matrix” and other ones, so we can say he is kind of famous. But the particularity of this movie is: you don´t need to see the other movies that include him to understand the story. Well, it´s known that you will feel advanced if you do that, but it´s not the type “you need to do this”.

It tells the story of this man, who he hides, who he will found and his family appears too. He will face a man who looks exactly like him, a maniac who wants to kill children, and his own daughter as well.

It´s very interesting beimagescause the Logan we know it´s independent and doesn´t care a lot about people, so when we see him as a daddy, well it´s delightful.transferir


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