Why Him

This transferir (3)is a movie directed by John Hamburg, released in 2016 and made in the USA.

It´s a comedy/romance movie that tells the story of a daddy´s girl that wants to introduce her new boyfriend to her parents. He is the perfect example of “what a dad doesn´t want”. From tattoos to awkward language, her dad almost dies when he sees him the first time. But the bad boy transferir (1)has an advantage: he is incredible rich and smart.

Although he is wealthy and powerful, her dad doesn´t seem happy with their relation, this will only change when he understands the true love between the transferirtwo of them.

This movie is interesting because it tells the past days, nowadays and future days of dad’s behavior when the time comes that their little daughter finally says “I want to introduce you someone”. It shows us too that nothing is unreachable, sometimes it just takes some time to be sure that he is the one for their precious little princess.images


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