Fences is a movie directed by Denzel Washington, released in 2016 and from USA. It´s a drama movie.transferir

It starts with a normal man, happy with his life and in love with his wife, but as the movie proceeds we can see a different perspective. Basically his lovtransferir-1e for his wife isn´t as true as we think and he´s not considered an happy man.

His life was hard as a kid and it will increase his anger by his son that he assumes that have to become transferir-3a grown man and never choose sports as a career, because in his young years they could be successful but his race didn´t let him be as famous as he wish.

In this movie we can see the difference between races in the 80´s that is talked about and how it influences the after years, the mentality of who has been discriminated in those years.



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