Take shelter

Take shelter is a movie directed by Jeff Nichols, was released in 2011 and was made in United States of America. It´s a drama movie.transferir

It´s about a man misunderstood by all his friends and his own family, nobody believes him when he says that a really big storm is coming. Everybody will think that he has a mental disease and thathe needs to get over it, but it´s known that in the end they all will take back with their initial thoughts.transferir-2

Could you imagine etransferir-1verybody leaving you and nobody to believe in a word you say? Well, with this movie you will sure imagine it and will increase your opinion about “Who will really stand at your back when you need? Who will take care of you?”

When you see this movie make sure you analyze every action, every situation to imagine youimages are that man, you are the one who knows something nobody believes in, you are the one misunderstood, you are the one right!


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