The light between oceans

This movie was directed by Derek Cianfrance based in the book The light between oceans written by M.L. Stedman, released in 2016 and it´s categorized as a drama movie.

Itransferirt tells the story of two lovers who face the hardship of the wtransferir-1orld in a very sad way. After their losses they will try to solve their problems through a very hard way and involving a lot of people. Basically they take care of someone´s daughter seeing her as their own daughter.

The years pass and the mother finds the lost daughter, which will complicate the two lovers lives because they have to leave their precious daughter behind, their miracle. Everything will be done to get her back and in the end a lot of decisions are made of.

The title of the movie represents the miracle lyitransferir-2ng in the ocean, their miracle, their light, their last hope.

Prepare yourself to cry with this movie, because the situations they have to pass through are very sad and it only represents the truly love they feel for each other, because they pass through it always together.images


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