Nocturnal Animals

This is a movie directed by Tom Ford, released in 2016 and from USA, it´s a drama/thriller transferir-4movie.

It counts with the presence of famous actors like Amy Adams that takes her place as a grown woman that lives the present with her mind focused on the past, we´ve gtransferir-2ot Jake Gyllenhaal too that is her misunderstood ex, in the movie, and he will use his sorrow to write a book about his most loyal feeling related to their past memories, and Isla Fisher and Michael Shannon are other famous people in this movie.

The past will become part of the protagonists present, she reads the book written by her ex and will understand the way how he felt when they broke up, in the book it´s represented the most loyal feeling about what he really felt, even if the content doesn´t correspond to the truly one story.transferir

To sum up, it´s a very interesting movie to the ones interested in thriller movies, mistery and changes.transferir-1


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