Beasts of no nation


This is a movie directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga, released in 2015 and from USA. It´s a war movie that tells the story of one of the biggest African war.transferir-2

In this movie we can see the story of a little boy that sees himself stuck in a never ending war, he will cross through many situations where he must be brave withoutransferir-3t showing any fear, this is the way to survive.

In my opinion it´s a very interestitransferirng movie because it´s historic and also reminds us of the current e
vents, the conflicts living in this world. The determination and courage of the little boy are more captivating for the ones who are seeing the movie because he is just a little boy, a poor and hurt little boy with so many life waiting for him.

I truly recommend this movie to my blog viewers, but beware, if you are sensitive this may not me right for you, because it´s very graphical.transferir-1


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