Stay is a movie made in USA by Marc Forster. The release date was in 2005 and the movie is categorizetransferird “Thriller/drama”. We can find some known celebrities, like Ryan Gosling, Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts.

This movie belongs in the section of “the most mindfuck movies ever” so we can find it hard to understand, there are a lot of people trying to decipher all the information in the movie but some of them just quit because it´s too hard to be understood. The perspective changing and the way how the environment is exposed to us is extremelyimages confusing but catchy at the same time.

So we got the story of a psychiatrist and a young man with suicidal tendencies. The psychiatrist is a man with a normal life, despite the past of his partner all filled with mental disturbs; the young man is a college Art student having as his transferir-2idol a known artist, famous by his death on his 21º birthday. The young man wants to follow the aspirations of his idol, and it will affect his psychiatrist too.

To sum up in a very conclusive and personal way, I just want to say that this movie is absolutely one of the most catchiest that I´ve ever seen, maybe because while we are watching it, it depends a lot of our brain capacity to interpret and think a lot about how the things have been done and what are the message. So my final conclusion is that all the movie focuses on a illusion between death.transferir-1


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