Arrival is a movie made in USA, directed by Denis Villeneuve and released in 2016. It´s categorized as a mystery/ science fiction movie and it´s associated with life in other planets.

Life in othertransferir planets is a very peculiar theme and the contact established between aliens and humans is very ambiguous too. So we can see two different opinions: the approval of that kind of contact, and the ones who wants nothing less than the destruction of the aliens.

We can see the special relationship between Dr. Louise Banks (Amy Adams) and the aliens, because they will awake sensations and gifts unknown to her; for example, she will preview her future with the scientist who works with her (Jeremy Renner).They will try to help their “friends” with some help of Colonel Weber (Forest Whitaker).images

In my opinion, this movie pretends to open the eyes of the humans in a very peculiar way, to accept thetransferir-2 others
and interact with them. So transmits the probability of the kindness in their hearts and tries to show us that maybe they just have some message for us, a big one, that will affect us in a very notorious way.


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